Why Uncover?

Why the name Uncover?

As I said before this blog is the culmination of several years of wrestling with God, with assuming that this ministry could just be kept contained in a neat little package and comfort level. It could be shared in a way that was controlled and maintained, but that is not what God wanted. Uncover Ministries was birthed from a place of coming to the realization that nothing kept in secret can be healed from.  Even in the word “uncover” there is vulnerability.  Vulnerability is one of the greatest fears of someone who has been sexually abused.  Uncover means to make visible to reveal.  With uncovering a secret, with relinquishing the shame, there can be a metamorphosis. Revealing the secret brings freedom, it brings light, and it brings restoration. A change from being trapped and confined by things we could not control and to being able to live freely as the woman you were meant to be.

You will hear my talk about how God asks us to take steps of courage, that despite our fear we act in obedience and do what He asks anyway. For many of you, the first step of courage is to share the secret. The secret and shame of abuse can cripple you.  Please know that you do not have to continue your life wounded, that God wants to heal you.  That the shame you have is not yours to carry.

Please know that I understand how difficult it is, but I also know there is hope on the other side.

This scripture is so beautiful. I pray that it encourages you, wherever you are in your process.

Those who look to the Lord are radiant, their faces are never covered with shame.    Psalm 34:5

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