The first step…

The first step
I wondered, pondered, obsessed, feared and wrestled with God over the start of this. For many people blogging is a way to express thoughts, opinions or things that they are observing in their everyday life. I recognize the amazing accessibility to blogging and the beauty of sending those writings into the abyss to hopefully be read by some. For many that thought is exciting, for me it is petrifying. So, I begin this scared, but doing it anyway. I pray that I would be a woman of courage and obedience to God. This blog is being started with a specific and unique purpose. One that is not easy to talk about, but with an important purpose.
This blog, Uncover Ministries, is specifically designed to encourage woman to take the first courageous steps into healing from sexual abuse. I speak not from an outside observer, but as a woman who has experienced and has been healed from my past abuse. I wrestled with how much or how little to share about my story and after much prayer have come to this conclusion. I have divulged the particulars of my experiences with specific people throughout my healing process. I walked through the very difficult details and allowed myself to grieve what I needed to. I do not want to shine a light on the dark aspects of my past, but rather want to focus on the amazing healing and restoration I now have. I want to focus on the light not on the darkness. I do absolutely believe you have to share those aspects in order to be healed. You cannot move on without fully walking through the memories, no matter how difficult. I believe you have to have a voice, you deserve to have a voice. I encourage you to share your experiences with a person or people you trust. Do not stay quiet; do not hold it in a moment longer, the first step in your healing is to UNCOVER the secret.

Coming soon… Where did the Uncover Ministries name originate from?

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